2015 AZ Senior Fall Classic

Dates: October 8-11, 2015

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 2014 Attending Colleges

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Coaches and Scouts can no longer Pre-pay for the tournament pass and packet for the Senior Fall Classic.  Please purchase your passes and programs at the gates.

The Arizona Senior Fall Classic is an international showcase for Seniors in High School. Teams attend on an invited basis only.

How do I get my team in the Arizona Senior Fall Classic?

The Arizona Senior Fall Classic has a long waiting list of teams wanting to attend.Baserunner

However, we are always updating this list as teams and programs drop from year to year – Please send us information about your team/program by filling out this team information form, and we will be happy to add you to this waiting list.

Here are two tournaments that offer invitations to the top 2 teams from each event.

AZ Classic Qualifier AZ Summer Classic

Can I attend as an individual player, if my team is not invited?
After the 2014 Arizona Senior Fall Classic invited teams are finalized, we will post the contact information for each of these teams.  Please feel free to contact any teams and see if they might have an opening for you as an individual player

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