2017 AZ Senior Fall Classic

Dates: October 11-15th, 2017

 Hotels for Senior Fall Classic 

The Arizona Senior Fall Classic is a one of a kind experience.  This is a wood bat, showcase style event, where no scores are kept, and each inning is 6 batters.   Our focus on the Senior and Junior weekend, is to provide opportunity’s for players to continue to play baseball beyond High School. 

 We begin with the All Academic Tryout and Game, where those that meet specific academic requirements, and have registered (see the Academic page) come in Thursday morning and tryout in front of college and professional evaluators.  Colleges who are interested come and watch the tryout.   The teams are selected for the evening game, which is run in showcase style.  This gives any colleges looking for an academic player, a chance to see many academically qualified players in one place.

We have the players by team, run the 60 and make that information available to the colleges and pro scouts who are interested.

Each year we invite the programs back who have brought good teams and are in good standing.  Once those slots are filled and we get the field assignments from the city of Peoria (who coordinates with the Mariners and Padres), then it is determined if there might be spots available.  We then work off of the “Team Info Sheets”  that you are welcome to fill out and send in.   The only other way to secure a spot in the Senior Fall Classic would be to win a Qualifier.  We host one in June (called the 4 Corner Classic) along with 2 California Classics and a Classic Qualifier in September. We also co-host with the City of Peoria in July,  2 events (Summer Classics).  The top two teams at each of these events will claim a spot at the Senior Fall Classic.

We have had lots of countries represented in years past.  Canada always has a great presence at our events, which we love.  We have had teams from New Zealand, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan and Australia over the years.  We enjoy those teams whenever we can coordinate schedules.


How do I get my team in the Arizona Senior Fall Classic?

The Arizona Senior Fall Classic has a long waiting list of teams wanting to attend.Baserunner

However, we are always updating this list as teams and programs drop from year to year – Please send us information about your team/program by filling out this team information form, and we will be happy to add you to this waiting list.

Here are two tournaments that offer invitations to the top 2 teams from each event.

AZ Classic Qualifier

Can I attend as an individual player, if my team is not invited?
After the 2017 Arizona Senior Fall Classic invited teams are finalized, we will post the contact information for each of these teams.  Please feel free to contact any teams and see if they might have an opening for you as an individual player.


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