Covid-19 Guidelines

Is there a charge to get into the fields?
Due to Covid-19, we will not be charging at the Gate.  Gate Fees have been charged directly to the teams.

Is water provided for my son in the dugout?
Due to Covid-19, Maricopa County has restricted the use of communal water jugs.  So no, we will not be providing water this year.  PLEASE bring your own water.

Will there be a live stream video of the games?  Is there a live scoring option?     

AZFC does not provide live streaming or live scoring in our tournaments.  

What concessions/food is available on site?
The concessionaire is planning to be open in Peoria and Surprise, but not at the Goodyear fields. Please be sure to bring enough water, in case the concessions are not open.

What can we bring into the ballparks?
You are welcome to bring coolers or food.  No glass containers and no alcohol.

Where should I park when I get there?
For the city of Peoria: the complex is divided in 3 area’s.  The main Stadium is in the front and middle.  It separates the Padres fields from the Mariners fields.  For this reason, you must really pay close attention to your field assignment.  There is plenty of parking on both sides to accommodate  all those that want to  attend the games.  Please do not park in the Professional Teams “Players Parking”.  We need to be very mindful of the Mariners and Padres and do as they ask.  We are using their facility and want to follow their rules at all times.

Can I bring a pet in?
You may only bring dogs in the park if they are on a leash.  Please pick up any messes that your doggy makes while in the park.

Are there restrooms available at the ballpark?
Yes.  They are located on the back of  the concession stands at both the Padres and Mariners Minor league practice fields.

When will the schedules be posted?
Schedules will be posted on the specific event page no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.