2018 AZ Junior Fall Classic

Dates: October 18th-21st, 2018

2018 Junior Fall Classic Schedule 10-15 REVISION

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2018 Junior Fall Classic Team Contacts

The Arizona Junior Fall Classic is one of the premier showcases in the country.  Limiting the graduation year to juniors makes the event a very good evaluation time for colleges to see players compete amongst their peers. The main focus of all of our events is to provide opportunities for all players to have a playing career after high school baseball. The format and scheduling have evolved into what has proven the best possible way for all of the players to showcase their skills for the colleges and pro scouts in attendance.

Daily entry fee is $10.00. Under 18 is Free. Tournament Passes available through Friday.

-Showcase Format

– No Scores

– Wood & wood composite bats only

– 5 hitters per half inning

– Games are on a time limit

– Invitation Only


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