College Coaches and Scouts

Special room rates for all College Coaches and Professional Scouts are listed below. If you are a player/parent, please click here.

Please click on link below and use the coordinating File # and Password for the tournament(s) you will be attending:

2018 Sophomore Fall Classic

2018 Sophomore Fall Classic Scout/Coach Rooms

File # 45236
Password: lalpalum

2018 Senior Fall Classic
2018 Senior Fall Classic Scout/Coach Rooms

File # 45243
Password: nimnujam

2018 Junior Fall Classic
2018 Junior Fall Classic Scout/Coach Rooms

File # 45244
Password: racgatos

2018 Universal Fall Classic

2018 Universal Fall Classic Scout/Coach Rooms

File # 45245
Password: bemgagut

For any additional questions please call CSTT at 1-866-861-8326.