The Arizona Fall Classic events were created in 1995 to provide opportunities for youth baseball players to improve their skills by playing against top-level competition from all over the USA and Canada.

The main focus of our events are to get HS baseball players to get recruited and connected with the correct college for their game.  This may mean Junior College, NAIA, or DIV I, II, or III.  We also host events for some Junior College players to be recruited to four year schools.

As the recruiting calendar has decreased, it is imperative for coaches and scouts to see numerous quality prospects in one location.

Use of wood bats, no scores kept, and limiting the number of hitters per inning are ways of creating more “scouting” opportunities for the player.  Although having no winners or losers can be difficult for parents, who are brought up in the “win at all cost” world of travel ball, the format has proven extremely successful over the years.

Classic Baseball is directed and managed by The Heid and family.  Ted and Tracy started the company in 1995 and their children, Trevor, Tiffini and Tiana are heavily involved.  Matt Spring has helped run the events for many years.  The Heid family takes pride in creating a family friendly environment with the focus on helping facilitate a player’s dream of playing baseball beyond High School.