All-Academic Tryout FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the tryout and the academic game on the same day?

– Yes, the players will tryout in the morning, and the players selected will play in the game that night.

Does every player make the All Academic game?

– No. The fee paid is for the tryout only. We have a very skilled group of evaluators that pick the players to play in the game.

What is the criteria for acceptance into the all academic tryout?

-Minimum Academic requirements qualify players (3.7 GPA or 27 ACT or 1200 SAT) The tryout will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  If you qualify and there is room at your position, then you will be added to the invited list.

Does the player attending the Academic tryout have to be on a team in the Fall Classic?

– No. However we encourage all players that attend the tryout to attempt to get on a team in the Classic to allow the colleges more time to evaluate them further.

Can a player tryout for two positions?

– No.  If your primary position is not available due to being filled, you may try-out for a different position.

What is the evaluation process for the players selected into the Academic game?

Our skilled group of evaluators have hundreds of years of evaluation experience. From all levels from MLB to years of amateur baseball experience. Each part of the tryout goes into the decision making process. Our evaluators grade arm strength, speed and quickness, baseball skill level, and of course hitting. The pitchers will be graded on arm strength, athletic ability, and pitch ability.  We have explained in the past that your Academics is the biggest factor to get in the tryout, but your baseball skill is what we look for to get in the actual game.

Will the pitchers trying out throw twice in one day?

– Yes. The pitchers will throw 15 pitches for the evaluators, then come back and pitch one inning in the game if they are selected.  Both the bullpen tryouts and the game are heavily watched by the college coaches and we have had many receive scholarships from the tryout alone.

How many pitches will each pitcher throw in the tryout?

– 15 pitches

How many players make the Academic game?

6 catchers
12 outfielders
16 infielders
18-20 pitchers
2 DH

How long will the tryout be?

– We stagger the start for each position so that the players are not at the complex all day. Plan on the tryout being 3-4 hours from sign in to completion.

Are metal bats allowed at tryout?

– Yes.  New this year at the request of the college coaches, the Academic Tryout will be a metal bat event. (BBCOR/HS Regulation Metal Bats)

What should I bring/wear to the tryout?

-There are not attire limitations or requirements outside of the obvious baseball staples.  Metal spikes are allowed on field, but cannot be worn while hitting in the cages, so it is good to bring a pair of turfs. A uniform top is provided.  Be sure to bring the proper equipment for the position you are trying out for (example: Catchers will need their catcher’s gear)

What will the catchers do during the tryout?

– Each catcher will throw to second base and block balls. They will then go to batting practice. Shortly after that, they will catch for the pitchers being evaluated. They will be graded on all four areas and from those grades the players will be chosen for the game.

What will the outfielders do during the tryout?

– Each outfielder will field and throw to 3rd and home, run 60’s, and take batting practice. All areas will be graded and the players will be chosen by those evaluations.  They will also be evaluated during batting practice with live jumps.

What will the infielders do during the tryout?

– Each infielder will run 60’s, take ground balls and throw, take batting practice, take live ground balls off the bat during batting practice. Each area will be graded and the players to play in the game will be chosen by those evaluations.

What will the pitchers do during the tryout?

– Each pitcher will warm up, throw warm ups off the mound, throw 15 pitches for evaluators. Pitchers will not hit at the tryout.

If a player has a game the night of the game what is the protocol?

– Most coaches know the importance of the academic tryout and game. We have never had an issue with players playing in the game if chosen. All the coaches in the past have been thrilled that their player was selected for this prestigious game.

It states that you get your application fee back if you are not selected for the tryout.  However, it also states that for a full refund it must be requested by 9/1 which is before the invited try out list is posted.  Can you explain?

-The tryout is for uncommitted players.  Players are using our tryout to force scholarship offers due to such good success in the past.  Let’s say a college is very interested in a player and that player gets invited, the college has to make a decision of whether to get that kid committed or let him tryout in front of a ton of other colleges.  We want those invited to be invested in our event, not using the tryout as a bargaining chip.