Is there a charge to get into the fields?
Yes, there is a daily charge per person, with Under 18 being free.  Each event will have it’s own “Tournament” or “Week-end” pass available.

Is water provided for my son in the dugout?
We provide coolers at the towers (the observation tower between the 4 fields).  The teams must come and get one for their dugout.  We provide ice and water.   When the water runs out, it is the boys responsibility to bring the cooler back to the tower and get it filled.

What concessions/food is available on site?
The city concessionaire sells hotdogs, hamburgers and a huge variety of other foods.  Most importantly in Arizona he will always have a big supply of sports drinks and water.

What can we bring into the ballparks?
You are welcome to bring coolers or food, just please do not bring anything in glass containers.

Where should I park when I get there?
The complex is divided in 3 area’s.  The main Stadium is in the front and middle.  It separates the Padres fields from the Mariners fields.  For this reason, you must really pay close attention to your field assignment.  There is plenty of parking on both sides to accommodate  all those that want to  attend the games.  Please do not park in the Professional Teams “Players Parking”.  We need to be very mindful of the Mariners and Padres and do as they ask.  We are using their facility and want to follow their rules at all times.

Can I bring a pet in?
You may only bring dogs in the park if they are on a leash.  Please pick up any messes that your doggy makes while in the park.

Are there restrooms available at the ballpark?
Yes.  They are located on the back of  the concession stands at both the Padres and Mariners Minor league practice fields.

When will the schedules be posted?
Parents and players- you should be getting the schedule from your coaches. They get them from us first. We post them for Colleges and Scouts who are coming. We should only be a back up resource for you. We do the best we can, but with last minute changes, both with fields and teams, makes it difficult. We try very hard to get it posted a week or two ahead.
Many of our events have Thursday listed on the web-site, and parents get stressed thinking their coaches have the wrong dates. In order to accommodate as many teams as we do, we have teams play lots of different combinations to get the games in. If your coach is told he is playing on Friday, Sat, Sun, that is his schedule. Some play on Thursday, but not all. Please communicate with your coach, if he doesn’t know the answer, he can contact us. Many times there are other conflicts and players have to make choices. Such as ACT, and SAT test taking in October. Please try to take them in the Spring or Summer to avoid this. We are locked in with our dates.

What about games that are played on fields off-site?

When we can not accommodate all games to be played at Peoria Sports Complex, we use Surprise Stadium, Spring Training home of KC Royals and Texas Rangers, Camelback Ranch, Spring Training home of the Chicago White Sox and Maryvale Baseball Park, Spring Training home of the Milwaukee Brewers.  They are beautiful fields if you get the opportunity to play there, it’s great. They do have different rules than Peoria. Some do not allow dogs, even on leashes. Some do not allow bikes, or skateboards or rollerblades.  These fields are not used for every event, and are used on an “as needed” basis.