FOLLOW THE PROMPTS TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD. There are TWO options for purchase: 

Option #1 ($75): The regular Scout Packet only (just the electronic information packet with demographic information) – entry for 1 coach

Option #2 ($150): Includes the regular scout packet – entry for up to 4 coaches on your staff PLUS we will send you a link to a Dropbox folder with the following: 

  • We will be uploading full video footage of the entire All-Academic Tryout and Game to our college folder
  • Our scouts evaluations of the All-Academic Tryout will be uploaded to the college folder.
  • Any player that purchases a player profile to be made (Pro Video Scout), will be uploaded to the college folder.
  • Any program or parent can email video to and it will be uploaded to the college folder.
  • Any video posted that tags @azfallclassic on Twitter will be re-tweeted from our account.
  • @SportsforceBB will be in attendance posting random videos of players in the event on social media
  • We will have our own staff capturing video to be uploaded to college folder
  • Players will have the opportunity to run the 60 yd dash, and top results will be posted in the college folder.

Scout/College Coach Electronic Packet - Senior Fall Classic

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