Weather Updates – Freshman Fall Classic

Update 7:30am:

Due to the emails we have been getting, we would like to offer further explanation of the uncontrollable weather situation.  AZFC did not “cancel” the tournament, The City of Peoria and Surprise told us we will not play on the fields on Sunday due to the amount of rain received last night.  Our rain policy is that we will play Monday and Tuesday if we need to continue the tournament.  Very few out of 64 teams expressed desire to play on Monday.  We are working directly with those teams.

Furthermore, we are working directly with the teams to give an appropriate refund according to how much baseball was played.

To Parents and Players: We know this situation sucks.  We feel terribly for you.  Coming to play in the AZ Freshman Fall Classic is an honor and is the start to playing ever year until you graduate from HS and move on to college baseball.  This year we had just under 300 college coaches and Pro Scouts from roughly 170 colleges attend the Senior Fall Classic and many others attend the Junior and Sophomore.  While this year didn’t go as expected, the whole point of the Freshman Fall Classic is to get familiar and accustomed to the venue so next year you can relax and play your best baseball.  With Friday being good weather and every team getting to play, that goal should have been accomplished.

Just like us having hard costs, your teams’ owners/coaches have hard costs they can’t control.  We encourage you to go easy on them in demanding a full refund, if at all.  They just can’t give everything back to everybody.  They can’t control the weather either.  They work very hard to get an invitation and to get a roster to compete.  We are just as upset, if not more than you that the rain ruined an awesome experience for the boys.  There are plenty of events out there, and we are thankful for you choosing to play in an AZFC event.  We hope to see you next year for the Sophomore Fall Classic with better weather.

AZFC Staff



Thank you everyone for your patience during this delay. All 3 sites have continued to get substantial rain. We were hopeful to have games start at 12 tomorrow, best case scenario. Unfortunately, the 3 city complexes have cancelled play for tomorrow, and even Monday is in question. While the weather is out of our control we understand the frustration you and the players feel having to wait. Thank you for coming to our event, we are extremely disappointed with the loss of games due to weather and field conditions.