College Coaches and Scouts: We are excited to announce that all of our Fall Classic events have been approved and teams are set to come.  We understand that this year has been difficult and different due to Covid-19.  We anticipate many of you joining us this year, but we also understand that some of you may not have the budget or get approval to come to AZ to recruit.  We have taken measures to help with the recruiting process.
 For the Sophomore, Freshman and Easton Fall Classics, you have the option to purchase the regular Scout Packet with demographic information. This is an electronic only option as we will not have paper copies printed. 
For the Junior and Senior Fall Classics, there will be an option for the regular Scout Packet only (just the electronic information packet with demographic information) OR an option for an upgrade.
The upgraded option will include the regular scout packet AND Dropbox folder link that includes:
  •  We will be uploading full video footage of the entire All-Academic Tryout and Game to our college folder.
  • Our scouts evaluations of the All-Academic Tryout will be uploaded to the college folder.
  • Any player that purchases a player profile to be made (Pro Video Scout), will be uploaded to the college folder.
  • Any program or parent can email video to and it will be uploaded to the college folder.
  • Any video posted that tags @azfallclassic on Twitter will be re-tweeted from our account.
  • @SportsforceBB will be in attendance posting random videos of players in the event on social media
  • We will have our own staff capturing video to be uploaded to college folder
  • Players will have the opportunity to run the 60 yd dash, and top results will be posted in the college folder.
Full disclosure, we will not have an actual admission gate and no passes this year.  We ask for your continual support by purchasing the Scout packet which would count as your entrance fee this year or the video package which would include up to 4 coaches access in your program.  We also ask, please do not download any video or scout packets and send to others for free.  Thank you again.
If you have any questions or issues with this registration, please email

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